Introduction Offer for New Clients


Introduction Offer for New Clients


Unlimited Wild Trek Training for 2 Weeks

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Come and try out our trek training sessions where you have the choice of 6 days a week, times ranging from morning or afternoon sessions at 12 different locations. You can attend as many sessions as you like during a 14 day period.



What do I need in my day pack?

  • Comfortable shoes- trek boots or runners with grip
  • Water (2L)
  • Rain jacket
  • Mat or towel
  • Head torch (night walks)
  • Walking poles (optional)


How fit do I need to be?

We all have to start somewhere but your transition to being fit for adventure will be more comfortable if you can walk at a brisk pace (4km/hour) for 90 min.  When you start, you walk at a comfortable pace, with a small day pack carrying water, a towel, raincoat and a head torch (for night sessions). As you get more experienced, we encourage you to add weight to your pack to increase your cardio-vascular fitness.  It won't take long for you to see improvements in your fitness level.


How do I see results from my training?

In your trek training starter pack you will receive a goal setting sheet. If you take the time to fill this in you will be creating a road map that you can focus on over the coming year. If you accept the challenge of setting your goals we will provide you with the tools to track, measure and follow through on your plan. A good goal is made up of at least four parts:

  • The What: What is the outcome you are trying to reach?
  • The Why: Why is this important to you and why do you want it?
  • The How: How, in detailed steps, do you plan to make it happen?
  • The When: What is the timeline and when is the deadline?

We believe that training 3 times a week you provide you with optimal results. To do this we embrace all kinds of weather as if we were on trek in the wilderness. Extreme weather is a great way to test your gear and your mindset.  Make your mantra "Today not someday". Setting short deadlines and not giving into excuses is a sure-fire way to make massive progress in your health and fitness. If you deliberately and consciously push yourself beyond your comfort zone and work on your mindset, you will come into natural alignment. Coupling that with our natural environment you will plug into a energy source that will be ultimately sustainable.


Looking after myself:

  • Walk mindfully- this involves effortless concentration and full attentiveness to what you are experiencing at that moment. This can enhance your sense of present and usually has a calming and centring effect. It also will save ankle injury. 
  • If you have an injury let us know, exercise can always be modified.
  • Always stay with the group.
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Did you know that green exercise reduces anxiety and stress, the risk of hypertension, of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, obesity and probability of dementia. This research demonstrates that this exercise may be the most reliable happiness booster of all activities. Finish wild trek training with a smile.